Shastri Dana Marshall

Shastri Dana Marshall has been weaving together the Shambhala Buddhist path of Warriorship with the path of visual art making since 1980. She is second generation Shambhala Buddhist born and raised in New York City. In 1989 she moved to Holland to live with her husband Rein van Heukelom whom she met at the 1988 Seminary. Together they are the proud parents of Ana van Heukelom, now living in Boulder and also a practitioner in Shambhala. Dana founded with her husband Rein the Shambhala Meditation Group Bussum 18 years ago in their living room. It flourished into a beautiful independent group and moved out of their home five years ago. Dana is a yoga practitioner and teaches Mindfulness and Yin yoga in Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands. To learn more about Dana’s art you are welcome to visit her website.

Shastri Dana Marshall's schedule: