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Great Mandala Offering - Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Sunday July 13, 2014 the annual Great Mandala Offering will be held throughout the mandala. In a message from his 2010 retreat "Invoking Generosity" the Sakyong wrote: "I would like to initiate an annual 'Great Gathering of Mandala,' or 'The Great Mandala Offering'." This would consist of us gathering for a day, where we offer a great mandala. As a community, we would try to accumulate 100,000 or more mandala offerings in one day. This is not a fundraising day but a day of practice: celebrating through practicing the joy of generosity.

Please visit this web page (restricted to members who are also vajrayana students) to read the Sakyong's document "Great Mandala Offering." It includes instructions on how to conduct this event.

All Shambhala tantrikas are invited to participate, including those who may not have begun mandala practice, or those who do not have the lung for the Shambhala Primordial Rigden ngöndro.

Please keep a record of how many mandala offerings are done throughout the day (multiplied by the number of students), and send this figure to Jill Scott so the Sakyong may be informed.

The Practice
It would be wonderful if each centre would be able to have three practice sessions, but even a single session with only two students will bring merit.

  • Start with opening chants in the first session.
  • Sit for 10 minutes.
  • Use the "Offering the Mandala" text from the Primordial Rigden ngöndro, from the top of page 16 through the mantra on page 18. Repeat the long mandala offering up to and including this mantra over and over. All should do the chant in unison: "fairly slowly, ceremoniously, and graciously while placing 37 heaps of rice representing the universe; then it would be offered simultaneously."

    As described in the Sakyong's message, a senior teacher, or teachers, can preside, and in addition those present should rotate coming to the front of the shrine room to make offerings. Individuals who have mandala plates and baskets of saffron rice, should use these. Other students may simply hold their hands in the mandala mudra and offer rice.

    If a centre has the traditional large stacked mandala offering rings, the very first offering could be made using this, and then it would be placed on the shrine or the Sakyong's throne table.

  • Conclude the session as one would normally if doing mandala practice, including 3, 7 or 21 recitations of The Seven Levels of Shambhala Virtue.
  • Include protector chants at the end of the afternoon or evening sessions, and longevity supplications and dedications of merit at the end.
  • The day could end with a celebration.
  • Please review the instructions at the back of the Primordial Rigden ngöndro text. If there are further practice related questions, please contact Jill Scott.

May this Great Mandala Offering create great clouds of merit and help the Shambhala Community deepen its understanding of the power and potency of generosity.



Harvest of Peace - Saturday, September 20, 2014

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