Tonglen Practice on the Shambhala Network

Oct 5, 2012

As the Shambhala community prepares to switch over to the new Shambhala Network next week, every member has been sent an individual message explaining the change, the years of work and consultation that have gone into this, and expressing appreciation for all those who developed our original web-based communications.

One of the questions on people's minds is how tonglen requests may be posted on the Shambhala Network.

President Reoch has written an article about this, with up-to-date statistics about the numbers of people using the network and step-by-step guidance for anyone who wants to post or respond to Tonglen requests.

To read the full article please visit From Our President:

The article begins:

"One of the most potent ways in which our community manifests as a global network of compassionate support is through our constant stream of tonglen practice. Someone posts a request for tonglen and hundreds of Shambhalians respond.

Up to now, most people have done this by posting a message on sangha-announce. The old system reached 3,424 Shambhalians worldwide. When the new Shambhala Network goes completely live on Tuesday 9 October, a tonglen request posted on sangha-announce will reach 4,479 people.

So that's one way you can post a tonglen request -- just go to the Sangha Announce Group on the Shambhala Network and post your message there. There's a link to the Group at the bottom of every page on the Network. If you have joined Sangha Announce on the Network, you will get everyone's tonglen requests that way.

Or, you can start using of a special feature on the Shambhala Network dedicated to Tonglen Practice. It's the International Tonglen Practice Requests group, which currently reaches 4,331 people. I just signed up myself and asked that I receive a daily report of all tonglen requests because I try to respond to everyone of these."

To read the full article with instructions on how to use this network group, please visit From Our President:

The letter to every individual Shambhala member was sent this week by Director of Communications, Larry Barnet. If you have not read it, kindly check your in-box.

(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)