November 2010

Greetings from Shambhala Archives!

It is autumn here in Halifax and we are enjoying crisp, cool days with lots of brilliant colour. It is also the time of year that we share with you the many activities that manifested in Archives as a direct result of your generosity and to request your continued support. This year we are again raising funds that will go towards several projects besides helping us pay rent, utilities and two part time salaries. Please read about our projects and wishes in the following newsletter and also visit our website at

The staff and volunteers at Shambhala Archives are working diligently and with great devotion to continue their work with ongoing projects such as migrating recordings from analog to digital while initiating new projects such as beginning to digitize and catalogue the more then 50,000 photographs held by Shambhala Archives.

This year we would like show our appreciation of your generosity by offering the following gifts. For a donation of $108 to $499 we will send you a 5” x 7” colour photographic print of the Tara rupa that was gifted to Chogyam Rinpoche by the 16th Karmapa. For a donation of $500- $999, we will send you an exclusive photograph of the Sakyong with the Druk Sakyong as well as the photographic print selected from the Labrang. Those who donate $1,000 or more will receive a copy of Skillful Means And Wisdom DVD set, the exclusive photograph of the Sakyong with the Druk Sakyong, and the photograph of the Tara rupa from the Vidyadhara’s Labrang.

We are also planning some changes in how we deliver our future fundraising requests and updates and would like your input on a format that will work best for you. Our plan is to start sending requests by email to those who prefer electronic communication and to continue sending requests through the postal system to those who this system. If you prefer to receive future requests and updates from Archives through the postal system please make sure to check the box at the bottom of your pledge card. If the box is not checked then you will automatically receive future requests and updates electronically.

Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated. May Shambhala continue to flourish!

With love and appreciation,

Carolyn Gimian, Director Emeritus Shambhala Archives
Gordon Kidd, Technical Director, Shambhala Archives
Sandra Kipis, Administrative/Archival Assistant
Jeanne Riordon , Ladrang Curator
Ruth Whitehead, Photographic Collections
Emily Sell, Co-Director, Shambhala Media
Terry Rudderham, Co-Director, Shambhala Media


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