Hello! We are the staff of Shambhala


We would like to introduce you to all of the full- and part-time Shambhala staff who are supported by your donations. There are many volunteers who contribute a vast amount to Shambhala, but this page highlights the staff who receive a modest salary, supported by fundraising and donations.

This team laid the foundation for more than 15,000 worldwide Shambhala programmes and events in 2011 alone, through direct support as well as through the continuing development and communication of curricula, texts, ritual and cultural guidelines, leadership and teacher training, and other ongoing support. 


Executive Director

Carolyn Mandelker, Executive Director

« My role is to joyfully lead the international planning and coordination of the mandala, and to be the main link between the Sakyong and the Kalapa Council and all the staff that serve Shambhala's members, centres and groups.

Melissa Howell, Executive Assistant



» I assist Carolyn Mandelker in the mornings.


Dinah Brown and Linda Lewis, Receptionists


Office of the Kalapa Court

David Brown, Executive Secretary to the Sakyong
Kalapa Council Member

« I assist the Sakyong with his correspondence,
schedule and official duties.






Kalapa Court

Emily Sell, Editor and Media Liason to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

« I help transmit the Sakyong's teachings by editing
his books and producing his audios and videos.

Richard Peisinger, Master of the Household

» I manage the affairs of the Sakyong
and Sakyong Wangmo's Halifax home.




Mark Whaley, Kalapa Editorial and Media Assistant

« I manage vital written teachings and assist in publicity and media communications for the Sakyong.


Amanda Hester, International Travel Officer for the Kalapa Court

I keep the Sakyong, Sakyong Wangmo, and
Kalapa Court members traveling smoothly
around the world as they teach the Dharma
and manifest Shambhala vision.


Gary Brown, Caretaker


«I am honoured to care for and protect the
Kalapa Court in Halifax and the Kalapa Court
in Kalapa Valley.

James Milani, Continuity Kusung

Mariah Simonton, Continuity Shabchi

Machen (cook)

The Machens work in the Kalapa Court kitchen to provide healthy and delicious meals for the Sakyong, Sakyong Wangmo, and their family.

Office of Practice and Education

Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel
Kalapa Council Member

« I teach programs, help develop curriculum for Shambhala, assist the Sakyong in various ways, serve on the Kalapa Council representing Practice and Education, and in particular I am currently focused on helping train teachers for Shambhala.

Maggie Colby, International Programs Manager

» I support the international Shambhala core path programs
(including Warrior Assembly, Enlightened Society Assembly,
Sacred World Assembly, abhishekas, and Scorpion Seal
Assemblies) by processing applications, assisting land centres
with program planning, and liaising with lead teachers.
Essentially, I'm a communications hub!

Jill Scott


« I provide support for Centre Directors and Practice
and Education leaders, including offering guidance,
suggestions, information, assistance with locally run
training programs, policy and protocols documents,
web resources development, and reviewing applications
for core programs.




Dorje Kasung

Jesse Grimes, Kasung Kyi Khyap (commander of the Dorje Kasung)
Kalapa Council Member

« I represent the Dorje Kasung
on the Kalapa Council.

Heidi Mecklenburg, Executive Officer
Kalapa Executive Member


» I support the Dorje Kasung worldwide.





Office of Centre and Group Support

Anna Weinstein, Director of Centre and Group Support
Kalapa Executive Member

« I support Centres and Groups all over the world,
and help Shambhala grow!










Shambhala Times

Sarah Lipton, Content Manager

» I bring you the news stories from the center and fringe of the entire Shambhala mandala (read them at: www.shambhalatimes.org)!






Communication and Information Technology

Greg Heffron, Webmaster

« I help members with IT Support and help keep our mandala's
websites functioning and up to date.


Pawel Molenda, Web Services Manager

I help to develop mandala web services.





Candlin Dobbs, Shambhala Database Project Management, Support, and Training

« I work with the SDB team to help members, local Shambhala communities, and the worldwide mandala, keep in touch, manage our groups, centers and programs, and communicate at all levels.

Bernard , Shambhala Database and Website Developer



» I do electron arrangements
in the Shambhala Database.



Bill Sutton


« I build and maintain the online application system for advanced Shambhala programs, which enables the Office of Practice & Education to manage the growing number of Shambhala programs while linking applicants with recommenders, reviewers, practice center personnel, and teachers around the world.

Dimitrios Mastrodimitropoulos, IT Support and Network administrator


» Here at the centre we have a great mixture of
people and technology. Most staff, local and international,
call on me when they are unhappy with the way the
technology interacts with them or the rest of the world.
It feels great when, by the end of the day, I have helped
restore all smiles to their “factory settings”!



Office of Finance and Development

Tim Watkins, Finance Director
Kalapa Executive Member


« I lead the team that cares for
the financial contributions of our
generous Shambhala community
and manages their use.


Patricia Bennett, Comptroller

I help manage Shambhala’s financial records and funds.


Tashi Longthorp, Data Entry Associate


» I enjoy working with data entry in Finance and
Development, processing and developing reports on
given to or through Shambhala International.







We get many questions from people who want to know whether all Shambhala projects are supported by fundraising, such as Shambhala Media, Shambhala Online, and the Shambhala Archives. These projects are currently supported by other sources of income and revenue. We are working toward a unified giving model, being piloted this year, which will embrace and support as many Shambhala entities as possible. This year we are still working with the old structure, so only staff members directly and currently supported by international fundraising are shown here.


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