Dana Group Survey Results

Snapshot Demographics

Age and Gender:

Of the 600 survey participants 55.5% are female while 44.5% are male. 9% of them are under the age of 30 years old, 20% over the age of 60, while 71% are between 45 and 60.


15% of the participants listed that one child still resides with them, 8% two children, and 1.5% three. Many noted that their children have left the nest, so to speak.


The respondents’ locations and home centers seems proportional to the membership size each center boasts. Of the 551 respondents who identified a home base 72 are from Halifax, 66 New York City, 48 Boulder, 29 Los Angeles, 24 Seattle, 23 Montreal, and so on. Overall 71 Shambhala Centers and Groups are represented. It should be noted that 17 participants are from Europe or South America.

Practice History:

The respondents were almost evenly spread out in terms of when they began practicing. 22% of those polled have been practicing for less than 5 years while another 22% have been practicing between 11 and 20 years. 17.5% have been practicing for 6-10, and another 17.5% 21-30. 12% have been practicing for over 30 years.


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