Kalapa Capital Centre



Vision Statement


As the international capital of Shambhala, the Kalapa Capital Centre will be a beacon for world peace and will help enrich the province of Nova Scotia economically, spiritually, environmentally, and culturally.



The Kalapa Capital Centre will be the capital of Shambhala.  It is envisioned as, in the Sakyong’s words, “The centre of our mandala, the place from which our basic goodness radiates out.”


As the international headquarters it will house the offices of Government, of Practice and Study, and of the Dorje Kasung.  And it will fill many other purposes, as well.  For more information, please click here or go to KalapaCapitalCentre.org to see a full update on the activities to date in the development of the Kalapa Capital Centre.


This past December 4, The Kalapa Capital Centre hosted a Winter Solstice celebration which turned out beautifully.  It was a delightful celebration and we were particularly happy to share our progress with all.  


The following Monday morning, December 6, we had an important follow-up meeting. President Reoch, Melissa Howell and I met with Marty Janowitz and Tom Bell (Kay Crinean and Landy Mallory would normally be there, but couldn’t attend yesterday).


The purpose was to continue moving forward on the development of the Kalapa Capital Centre.   As you will see outlined in the Update, a major initiative is to work closely with other initiatives in Halifax and Nova Scotia, specifically on sustainability and environmental issues.  We all feel we could further the social vision of our lineage by exploring ways in which the Kalapa Capital Centre could help to enhance Nova Scotia's already existing leading-edge environmental programs.


This is all the more timely in the wake of the failure of governments to respond adequately to the current climate change issue -- arguably the greatest global crisis we have ever faced.  As we read reports from the Cancun conference on Climate Change, we feel this all the more keenly.


We have been reminded of the Sakyong’s words in his 2009 Earth Day message:


Our precious planet and the innumerable beings who dwell here face an unprecedented crisis. The escalating threat to the world's environment and climate stem from a profound predicament that affects all humanity. We are ever more rapidly losing our connection with the sacred nature of our world. This tragedy affects us in so many ways, but at its heart, it is a crisis of the spirit. We are harming our planet and fellow beings because we are losing touch with the basic goodness of our own sacred being.


An immediate action point from our Monday meeting was to host a conference call with leaders in the field of sustainability and environmental protection – on which we would explore the relationship between this vital issue and a possible role that could be played in conjunction with the development of the Kalapa Capital Centre.


On Wednesday, December 8, we met with Peter Mayor Kelly to talk about our plans in an informal way.  He expressed a great deal of enthusiasm in our ideas and an interest in working together.  We will also meet with Premier Darrell Dexter to discuss these ideas in early January.


Further, we set out a plan to move ahead on a market analysis which will be required to begin to develop funding strategies and a business plan for the Kalapa Capital Centre's creation, which we can eventually present to various outside entities.


We wanted everyone to know all this, as we are moving forward.  A deep sense of community is vital to the success of this project.


Of course, all of these activities require us to cover our operating costs, as well as the market analysis, so we need to raise additional funds.  If you can help with this essential project, it will continue the momentum that, at this time, at propelling us forward at an unprecedented rate.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this and to visiting KalapaCapitalCentre.org to read the Update.



2010 Activities:


1.      Defined core usage


2.      Community partnerships/intersects usages

  • Environment/sustainability research

  • Others (see update)

  • Ongoing meetings with community leaders

    • With Kalapa Capital Centre presentation

3.      Preliminary Project Plan/Critical Path completed


4.      Master Program initiated


5.      Five year business plan for development in progress (a separate business plan for operations will be developed prior to facility completion)


6.      Communications

  • Community engagement planning

  • Blog up and redesigned, enlisted translators in five languages

  • Website in design phase


7.      International practice initiatives

  • Study and practice initiatives (readings for Shambhala centres)

  • Supplication for invocation to manifest KCC



8.      Developed network of volunteer consultants with expertise in various fields (business, architecture, environment, finance, project management, etc.)    



9.    Received grant from Shambhala Trust



10.    Logo designed and approved



11.    Planning fundraising events



12.    Completed Kalapa Capital Centre Charter Organization



2011 Goals


1.      Identify intersects/partnerships with community and commitments



2.      Community engagement meetings, mandala and province-wide



3.      Continue meetings with provincial leaders



4.      Complete financing plan, with fundraising strategy



5.      Complete Phase 1 of the Master Architectural Program



6.      Complete critical path phasing plan



7.      Phase 1 of international community engagement

  • Expand current network internationally


8.      Translation group for blog and Website – in progress



9.      Website live, with translations into two languages (more to be added as translators are engaged)



10.    Hire international communications director





1.      Initiate architectural / engineering design



2.      Hire project manager



3.      Bidding process





1.      Begin construction



2.      Project completion 2015




Click here for an in-depth update on this progress.