Stock Transfer Gift


Benefits of Giving Stock

A gift of stock (or other appreciated property) entitles you to a tax deduction for the market value of the donated stock (not just your cost basis). If the stock you wish to donate has been held for more than one year, you can avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation of the stock by donating the stock prior to sale. Shambhala benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from making a contribution that would be larger than what you might have been able to donate in cash.


Transferring Stock to Shambhala

To donate shares of stock to Shambhala, electronically or by mail, please use a letter of transmittal stating your intention to donate to Shambhala and include the account information – account name and reference numbers - listed below.  Send the letter to our broker and to the Shambhala Finance Office at to let us know that you will be making the donation.

Contact information for our brokers in the US and Canada and for the Shambhala Finance Office can be found below.         

Receiving US stocks on our behalf is:

RBC Wealth Management

c/o Thomas J Brandt

60 South Sixth Street

Mailstop P18,

Minneapolis, MN, 55402

Tel: 952-261-3570 ext 3570

Account Name:        Vajradhatu

Account # :               31279518

DTC# :                        235           


Receiving Canadian securities on our behalf is:

CIBC World Markets Inc.
Account Transfer Department
BCE Place
161 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2S8

c/o Vajradhatu Buddhist Church
Account #:                2715000317

FINS #:                        TO79
CUID:                          WGBD
DTC:                           5030


Shambhala Finance Office

Shambhala International Finance Office

c/o Tim Watkins

1084 Tower Road

Halifax, NS, B3H 2Y5


Tel:            902-425-4275 ext 116

Fax:           902-423-2750



How the Value of Your Gift Will Be Determined

The value of your gift is the average price of the stock on the date the stock was transferred to Shambhala.

If you would like further information about making a gift of stock, contact the Finance Director at (902) 425-4275 ext 116 or by email