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SNOW ALERT! CANCELLED Year End Recitation of the Mamo Chant

January 31 / 5:30 PM - February 9 / 6:45 PM

SNOW ALERT: on Saturday February 9th, the chants will still take place at 6h30pm, but don't come if the puts you in harm's way! The umdze lives at a walking distance from the centre...

Mamo chants are done at the end of the Shambhala lunar calendar year. This particular protector chant invoking feminine protectors is done to pacify personal, social, and environmental chaos. The end of the year is said to be a somewhat dangerous time, a very good time to practice and tune into the protector principle of awareness and go into the New Year with a fresh and open outlook. It is only in the past few years that this practice has been opened up to all practitioners; come by and join in this powerful and provocative practice.

Open to all.
Free of charge.

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Please note: Some of our regular chants have changes to them that are minor, but the Concluding Request to the Protectors and the Mamo Chant have significant alterations.

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