Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore

 Melissa Moore, PhD., has been a student of Shambhala since 1979. She has an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, attended the 1985 seminary, has been teaching internationally since 1990, and was empowered as a Shastri in 2010. She co-founded, and continues to teach and develop, The Karuna Training, a 3-year professional certificate training in Contemplative Psychology and a division of Shambhala Europe.

Melissa is a Senior Executive of Family Service Agency of San Francisco and since 2005 has been the founding Director of The Felton Institute dedicated to research and training in community mental health services for marginalized populations suffering from mental illness. Melissa has a PhD in Psychological Anthropology from California Institute of Integral Studies and a Post Doctoral degree from University of California San Francisco in Community Based Research and Psychiatric Treatment. She has extensive experience as a clinician and manager of several clinics developed for the treatment of eating disorders, dissociative disorders and trauma related illnesses.

Teaching Topics
Rigden Weekend
Vajrayana programs
Shambhala Vows


Programs not in Shambhala Database
Nov 2-9, 2014 – Karuna Training start up in Northern California: 2 year training in Contemplative Psychology see for more information


Acharya Melissa Moore's schedule:

2017-02-05, San Francisco, Kurukulla Workshop
2017-02-15, Shambhala Mountain Center, Kurukullā Practice Intensive
2017-03-03, Albuquerque, Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human
2017-03-06, Albuquerque, Why The World Needs Karuna: An Introduction to Contemplative Psychology
2017-03-07, Albuquerque, Scorpion Seal Practice Evening
2017-03-09, Albuquerque, An Evening of Ashe and Stroke
2017-03-10, Albuquerque, Refuge Vow Weekend
2017-03-10, Albuquerque, Bodhisattva Vow Weekend
2017-07-07, Berkeley, (with: Acharya Adam Lobel, Acharya Melissa Moore, ) Enlightened Society Assembly