Shastri Frederic Loisy

Shastri Frederic Loisy discovered meditation and Shambhala teachings in 1995 just before going to work in Cambodia. Back in Paris in 1997 he took to heart this path while working and living in Paris with his wife and now two daughters.

Shastri Frédéric Loisy's schedule:

2017-09-21, Paris, (with: Shastri Frédéric Loisy, Peter Bancel, ) Méditation dans la vie quotidienne
2017-09-22, Montpellier France, Lojong : l'entraînement de l'esprit et l'apprentissage de la bienveillance
2018-02-09, Paris, La Voie Shambhala – Cheval du vent
2018-03-23, Paris, La Voie Shambhala - Niveau 5 : Ciel ouvert