Inez de Munnik

Inez de Munnik (Amsterdam, NL) started practicing in 1979 in Amsterdam. After spending almost a year in the US in 1983, where she became a meditation instructor, she lived in Marburg, Germany and served in many different roles including Centre Director. In 1990 she became a mother, and soon after a single mother. After returning to Amsterdam, she began teaching in Shambhala again. She is currently working with the wave of war-refugees from the middle east, guiding female immigrants to become familiar with Amsterdam and the Dutch language.

Shastri Inez Munnik's schedule:

2017-09-18, Amsterdam, Open Avond
2017-10-20, Amsterdam, (with: Shastri Inez Munnik, Shastri Anne Bakker, ) Shambhala Training niveau 4 - Ontwaakt hart
2017-12-11, Amsterdam, Open Avond