Mark Blumenfeld

Shastri Mark Blumenfeld became a student of Shambhala in 1979 when he began studying with Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala International’s founder. In the 1990, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin and worked with the community there to found the Shambhala Center of Madison. In 2012 Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche appointed him as the Shastri for the Madison Community. He is a former center director and has taught programs in meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and Shambhala for over twenty-five years. He is retired from a successful career as an Information Technology executive and management consultant after a youthful go as a performance artist in Portland, Seattle and New York. He has three adult children and lives in Madison, WI.

Shastri Mark Blumenfeld's schedule:

2018-01-26, Chicago, (with: Shastri Mark Blumenfeld, Alice Dan, ) Sacred Path: Windhorse
2018-02-02, Madison, Seven Day Urban Retreat - Shambhala Weekthun
2018-03-01, Karme Choling, The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level I
2018-03-01, Karme Choling, Finding Bravery in Times of Confusion - Shambhala Training Levels I - III
2018-03-03, Karme Choling, Birth of a Warrior: Shambhala Training Level II
2018-03-05, Karme Choling, Warrior in the World: Shambhala Training Level III
2018-03-17, Madison, Discovering Meditation
2018-03-27, Madison, Wisdom In Everyday Life
2018-04-04, Madison, Fearlessness in Everyday Life
2018-04-13, Madison, (with: Lisa Cappelli, Shastri Mark Blumenfeld, ) Shambhala Training Level III - Warrior in the World (2X)
2018-05-16, Madison, Wisdom In Everyday Life