Pamela Bothwell

Shastri Pamela Bothwell first encountered the Dharma at Tail of the Tiger (Karme Chöling Buddhist Contemplative Center) in Vermont in 1973. A former attorney, and the mother of three young adults, Mrs. Bothwell has served as co-director of the New York Shambhala Center; Head of Practice and Study at Karme-Chöling; Head of Study at the San Francisco Shambhala Center; Ambassador to the Los Angeles Shambhala Center; and Co-Director of the Los Angeles Shambhala Center. In 2010, she was appointed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche as Shastri for Los Angeles.

Shastri Pamela Bothwell's schedule:

2018-01-25, Albuquerque, The Shambhala Vow: What Does it Mean and Why Do We Take Vows?
2018-01-26, Albuquerque, Basic Goodness 1: Who Am I?
2018-02-17, Los Angeles, (with: Shastri Pamela Bothwell, Shastri Joel Wachbrit, ) SMCLA Teacher Circle (Westside)
2018-02-23, Los Angeles, Shambhala Training Sacred Path: DRALA (Westside)
2018-03-03, Los Angeles, (with: Shastri Pamela Bothwell, Shastri Joel Wachbrit, ) Bringing Out the Wisdom - A Training in Facilitating Discussions for Shambhala Educators