Sandra Ladley

Shastri Sandra Ladley is a long-time Shambhala Buddhist practitioner and teacher.  She was appointed as a Shastri for Berkeley and Northern California in 2012.  Sandra has held several Shambhala leadership positions in Northern California including Chairman of the Board, Regional Co-Director of Shambhala Training, and Head of Practice and Education for Berkeley.  As a teacher, she draws on an extensive professional life as a manager, counselor, and teacher in business, technology, health and creative arts settings to bring depth, warmth and humor to her teaching. She is currently on the faculty of the Karuna Training contemplative psychology program and she leads creative and psycho-educational groups on topics including Radical Compassion and Everyday Art. Sandra studied art and music at Bard College and received her BA in Painting from San Francisco State University and her MA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University.

Shastri Sandra Ladley's schedule:

2017-10-21, Albuquerque, Feel How You Feel: An Introduction to Karuna Training
2017-11-18, Casa Werma Mexico, (with: Shastri Sandra Ladley, Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata, ) Art + Life Retreat: Shambhala Arts Training Parts 1 - 5