Trinley Busby

Shastri Trinley Busby, assigned to Vancouver, British Columbia, first met Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 2006. Her volunteer and contract work, in the area of housing and poverty activism, led her to the field of frontline social service support work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside; working specifically with marginalized populations who live with concurrent mental health and substance abuse challenges. For the past 10 years Trinley has been uniting her experiences as a meditator with her work as an activist. She lives in Vancouver with her husband Michael and two cats, Emily and Buster.

Shastri Trinley Busby's schedule:

2018-05-25, Edmonton, Shambhala Training Level II - Birth of the Warrior
2018-06-22, Edmonton, (with: Shastri Charlene Leung, Shastri Trinley Busby, ) The Moon of Kindness: Birthing Vibrant Inclusive Community
2018-07-29, Seattle, (with: Shastri Trinley Busby, Martina Bouey, ) Summer Weekthun - Illuminating Basic Goodness: Who am I?
2018-08-15, Karme Choling, (with: Acharya Gaylon Ferguson, Shastri Trinley Busby, ) Warrior Assembly