Acessiblity and Disability Large Font Chant Access



Here are the chants in two sizes 16 and 20 point (updates June 2015). Click here  to download and change file name to  and expand.

You will need to contact the coordinator of the  Accessibility and Disability Working Group at:       [email protected] to obtain a password to open  and print them.

You can click to download the set or write to [email protected]  for individual chants as well as nicely arranged sets for major centres (i.e. Dzongs & rural practice centres)

We also have versions of some of the advanced practice chants in large fonts. Thanks to the efforts of Hamish McLaren we now can offer many advanced texts in large font to those authorized to receive them. Here is a partial list:

  • Blazing Guru Who Overcomes
  • Dorje Dradul
  • Dharma Sagara
  • Dharmaraja Guruyoga
  • Ground Lungta
  • Nyingma Lineage Supplications
  • Ocean Of The Play
  • Powerful Activity Phurba
  • Profound Guru Yoga
  • Rigden Ngondro
  • Rain Of Blessings
  • Shambhala Sadhana
  • Sadhana Of Luminosity
  • Scorpion Seal Chant Book
  • Werma
  • Wheel Of Wisdom
  • White Tara -Khyentse Wangpo & Commentary
  • White Tara SMR
  • Sadhana Of Mahamudra

Write the chair of the working group at:  [email protected]    if you have a need for these or others not listed.

If you qualify for specially prepared accessible material for advanced training programs, there is a document we can offer that provides you with permanent authorization to request such material before the event. This relieves you from going thru the sometimes-difficult process of convincing program staff to prepare special versions of the materials in the advanced program and also facilitates them in being prepared for the event. If you think you ere eligible for this program. Here is the form for requesting special accessible material for programs. Download by clicking on it and follow instructions on the form