Shastri Alex Paterson

Shastri Alex Paterson is a Canadian and has been residing in Sweden for the past 22 years. He lives with his wife and son in Stockholm and works as a Theatre teacher at a High School Arts program. Alex has been active in the Stockholm Shambhala Center since its beginnings in 1994 and is a mentor for the Helsiinki Shambhala Group. He is the Shastri for Stockholm.

Shastri Alex Paterson's schedule:

2021-09-26, Stockholm, Heldagsretreat
2021-10-31, Stockholm, (with: Barbara Nelson, Shastri Alex Paterson, ) The Essential Pema
2021-11-12, Stockholm, (with: Shastri Alex Paterson, Stefan Wrenfelt, ) Level 5: Open Sky