Anne Emmanuelle Roche-Bret

Anne-Emmanuelle Roche-Bret (Marseille, FR) was born in Paris. She is presently living in the south-east of France, in the Drôme region. She was a psychiatrist, now retired. She entered the Shambhala path in 1997, has been a Shambhala teacher since 2008 and is now studying the Scorpion Seal path. She also lived in Dechen Chöling for six years. She has attended Karuna training, practiced kyudo, and is currently a T’ai Ch’i Chuan teacher.

Shastri Anne Emmanuelle Roche-Bret's schedule:

2021-04-28, Marseille, Pratique du Dharma Raja Guru Yoga
2021-05-12, Marseille, (with: Shastri Simon La Haye, Shastri Anne Emmanuelle Roche-Bret, ) Quatre Dignités - Voie Sacrée du guerrier
2021-06-12, Marseille, L'art d'être humain - Weekend 1 de l'Apprentissage Shambhala