Community Positions Available

The following positions are currently accepting applicants:

Tech Support Assistant – Job description – Jan 2020

SGS-IT is looking for a Tech Support Assistant to take on front-line duties in support of the Shambhala technology infrastructure.   Shambhala’s infrastructure includes the Shambhala Database (SDB), WordPress websites, wikis, email, and Google Suite tools. This is a one-year appointment with a possible one-year renewal; it will relieve current staff of duties they currently perform while Shambhala undertakes several infrastructure upgrades.


  • This assistant provides routine support such as password resets and resolution of access problems.   The person would communicate by email, phone, or video conference with volunteers and staff throughout Shambhala.
  • They provide one-to-one training and support for SDB users, referring them to the right documentation, and updating system documentation when it is found lacking.
  • They manage SDB access requests.
  • They perform routine SDB data merging and cleaning, acceptance of registrations, supervision of outgoing email, etc.
  • They participate in SGS -IT staff meetings and alert the staff of bugs or problems requiring system changes.
  • Reports to John David Smith, SGS IT Group coordinator – [email protected]org

Job Requirements

  • Prior experience and familiarity with the Shambhala Database is essential.  (Only current members of the Shambhala Community can have access to the Shambhala Database.)  Knowledge of Shambhala terminology and context is a plus.
  • This position requires that you check email frequently (every day or two) and respond to issues promptly.
  • This is a contractor position that requires you to have your own computer with good internet access.

Your Background

  • More than one year’s experience using SDB, Shambhala Network, (some MailChimp desirable)
  • Demonstrated writing and spreadsheet skills
  • Being able to listen to user concerns, comply with Shambhala policies and supervisor’s instructions
  • Flexibility and sense of humor makes a huge difference!

Compensation and working arrangements:

  • Hourly rate: USD $20 for 10 hours per week, paid monthly
  • We will review the person that’s hired after 3 months and the position itself will be reviewed after one year.

To apply: submit your resume and complete this form by February 28, 2020.



Shambhala Board – Open Nominations

Shambhala USA & Shambhala Canada

As the new Board Advisory Nominating Group, we are pleased to begin accepting new applications and nominations to fill open positions on the Shambhala Board. We will accept nominations and applications until January 15, 2020. Members of the Shambhala Board hold the fiduciary and legal responsibilities for Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada, and are legally required to act in good faith in furthering the stated purpose of the Shambhala organization.

Click here to read about the Job Description and Nominating Process
Click here to access the Nomination & Application Form



Director of Community Care and Conduct

Shambhala Global Services

The Director of Community Care and Conduct is responsible for the development, implementation, management, and support of policies and procedures related to ethical conduct, grievances, and supportive training programs for teachers and office holders. The director reports directly to the board of Shambhala. Click here to read the Job Description




Halifax Shambhala Center Executive Director Search


We are looking for a courageous individual who is inspired to be the Executive Director of the Halifax Shambhala Center. This is a unique opportunity for a warrior to manifest their equanimity and fearlessness in support of our community.