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Aging as a path of discovery

No matter how old we are, life is always changing but we try to avoid acknowledging it by holding on to our dreams of what it should be. As summer turns into fall, the land is displayed by golden leafs flying and mist arising from the river  and we get together to contemplate impermanence and transitions of our life.

Enjoying each other’s company, we will share our experiences, take walks and rejoice in the new experiences that aging offers. By taking an honest look at the problems and possibilities of aging, we will use our own experience to nourish, heal and expand our understanding and change our ideas of what aging can be. 

The program will include meditations, teachings, contemplations, conversations, various relaxation and creativity exercises, and sensory walks through the autumn landscapes of Limousin. Yeshe Fuchs and Herb Elsky will guide this gathering and offer us themes for contemplation and sharing.

A week long gathering to listen to the wind in the trees, connect with our tender hearts and an opportunity to pass our life experience on to the next generation, becoming a “wisdom elder”.


  • Recognizing the reality of aging in relation to transitions, letting go, and space.
  • Working with the fear of aging and the fear of death.
  • Befriending loneliness and cultivating our relationships
  • The role of diet and exercise in maintaining health
  • Taking care of aging friends and relatives
  • Dying without regret and passing on to the next generation the meaning of our lives, expressions of love and forgiveness, etc.
  • Becoming a person of wisdom.


Practical information

Arrival day (Saturday 14 October): Orientation conference at 8pm. You are invited to come as early as 16:00 to register and settle into your room. Dinner is served at 18:45.

End of the programme (Thursday 19 October): Closing circle and banquet in the evening.

Departure day (Friday 20 October): You can leave at any time (no programme). You are welcome to stay for breakfast.

This program will be held in English.  Interpretation in French and other languages must be made in advance and confirmed (please indicate that you are requesting interpretation on the registration page).
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