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Miksang – Metropolis Perceived

   Many of us live in urban environments. Sometimes they are dense and intense urban environments: the Metropolis.

   Whether it is a town, city or Metropolis this urban space is a kaleidoscope of visual forms, colours, reflections, signage, and shop windows, street traffic of vehicles and people and so forth.

   This course explores this urban orderly chaos at the register of perception: the urban as a visual display. The assignments include urban visual forms, urban impressionism and street people photography, pop culture, surrealistic through the looking glass and so forth. It is a visual mash-up exploration.

   Sometimes this urban metropolis intensity can seem overwhelming. Here we transform this energy into a contemplative vivid space of visual clarity, art and appreciation.  

   The course proceeds through teachings, assignments and assignment reviews.  No previous photographic or Miksang experience necessary. The course will include a basic introduction to Miksang photography.  You need a digital camera. ( a good phone camera will work.)  Also, of course, you need access to an urban environment.

Courses are in English, available on ZOOM only

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2023-11-28 05:50:34