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Presence: a Path to Awakening.

This 5-day retreat offers physical, vibrational and spiritual training: open to all.

Gérard Etienne proposes to improve your quality of presence in the world by experimenting with different practices that he has encountered in the Buddhist tradition, the Chinese energy arts or the art of theatre. All these practices are extraordinary means to advance on the path of presence and thus of Awakening, because to “be”, it is necessary to free oneself from all tensions.

In the Zen Tradition, the monk, the actor and the warrior have the same essence and the same requirement. Good health – inner peace -, attention, commitment, creativity and compassion guide them towards pure presence. All the practices proposed during this retreat are workcamps for inner transformation to develop these essential qualities, to regain joyful energy and to move forward on the path of healing and compassion.

  • Sitting meditation: awakening through posture.
  • Mantra recitation: awakening through vibration.
  • Inner Verticality Qi Gong: awakening through gesture.
  • Tai Ji Quan, Wu style: awakening through movement.
  • Ba Gua Zhang of the Golden Spiral: awakening through spinning.
  • Zen theatre: awakening through silence and speech.

The theatre is the place of presence:
With play proposals inspired by Zen theatre, we will have the opportunity to and evaluate our quality of presence, with others and in front of others.
others. The theatre is a magnificent tool for sharing, for being present, for creativity, for transformation and for creativity, transformation and awareness.



Arrival day Sunday 22 October: You are invited to the venue at 4 pm to register and settle into your rooms. Dinner is served at 7 pm and introductory meeting at 8 pm.

End of the programme Friday 27 October: The retreat will end in the evening with a festive dinner.

Departure day Saturday 28 October: No programme. You are welcome to stay on site until breakfast.


This programme will be taught in French only.

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