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Location: Boulder Shambhala Center

The Wheel of Birth and Death: A Divine Comedy of Karma (Hybrid)




The Wheel of Birth and Death: A Divine Comedy of Karma
with Gary Allen

Starting Wednesday September 27th for seven consecutive Wednesday evenings
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Hybrid: In-Person and Zoom


Ever wanted to tour all the hell realms? No? Well, here’s your chance! This class will take a close look at the Buddhist picture of phenomenal reality (there really is a picture!) called the “Wheel of Birth and Death.” Ever wonder where you’re standing in this vast map of sentient craziness? Where you’ve been or where you might be headed? We’ll get you oriented, with a special focus on the six realms of psychological projection and karmic rebirth, eyeballing the potential for liberation from boundless confusion. We’ll use some of Chogyam Trungpa’s classic descriptions, as well as an extensive contemplation of the six realms that Gary Allen explores in detail in his most recent book, Transmigration Suite.


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2023-09-27 21:54:42