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Location: Durham Shambhala Center

The Path of Individual Liberation


Are you new to meditation? Interested in Buddhism? Do you want a refresher on Buddhist fundamentals? A chance to explore Buddhism with a supportive community?

Starting this fall, the Durham Shambhala Center is offering classes in the Buddhist Path series, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Tibetan Buddhist Path from the foundational teachings through an introduction to Vajrayana.

The classes include required readings, contemplations, meditation instruction, and
discussion groups.

The first class in the series, Foundations: The Path of Individual Liberation, will be offered on Monday evenings in person at the Durham Shambhala Center, September 11 through November 20. There is a two-week break from October 16 through October 23.

Required text: The Path of Individual Liberation.  

Please email [email protected] if you need financial support in order to purchase this book.

The Buddhist Path Series

The Buddhist Path series is divided into three classes.

  • Fall 2023: Foundations: The Path of Individual Liberation. Open to all, no prerequisites.
  • Spring 2024:  Going Beyond: The Path of Wisdom and Compassion.  Open to all, no prerequisites.
  • Summer 2024: Glimpses of Vajrayana: Sacred World.  Prerequisites: Completion of both the Foundations and the Going Beyond classes.



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