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The Magic Mirror: The Gateway To Pure Vision

A mind that is in the balance of both creativity and receptivity is an open channel to manifesting the activity of artistic brilliance. From this state of mind tremendous power can be communicated through art. No matter what medium, the artist can produce work through the process of opening the creative mind at the same time as opening the gateways of perception to a state of responsive spontaneity and visionary brilliance, the active process of joining together heaven, earth, and humanity.

This weekend program will present the teachings of Jack Niland as taught to his protege Andrew Forbes, which Jack received from his teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. With Anjie Cho, assistant teacher of Shambhala Art developed by Steve Saitzyk, also from teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche, students will be guided through the transmissions and methods of creative processes taught in both traditions. This exploration will establish the foundation of the Dharma Art teachings and be a forum to interpret the teachings based on the student’s personal medium, allowing the teachings to integrate into experiential understanding. Mediums of visual arts, creative writing, music, and design will be explored while diving deep into the practice of meditation.

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2023-09-24 21:33:50