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Location: Centre de méditation Shambhala de Montréal

The Sacred Path of the Four Dignities: Tiger and Lion

The most profound principles of Shambhala are the luminous vision of the Great Eastern Sun, the wakeful energy of Windhorse, and the magical power and support of Drala.  It is now time to delve into the pragmatic path of the Four Dignities: the meek wisdom of the Tiger, the perky wisdom of the Snow Lion, the outrageous wisdom of the Garuda, and the inscrutable wisdom of the Dragon.

In this weekend program we will work with the first two dignities, the Tiger of Meek and Lion of Perky, by studying the text, discussing the meaning, and meditating together. The intention is to spark personal inquiry, using the classic process of understanding the words, contemplating the feeling of the wisdom and its obstacles, and finally applying these principles naturally in our lives.

The program will be all day Saturday and Sunday, with commentaries and instruction, individual interviews, and open discussion circles. Participants should be on time and commit to the full weekend.

Prerequisite: Great Eastern Sun, Windhorse, Drala

The program will be in english with french translation. 

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Please register at the latest december 6 to facilitate organization.



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