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Haiku Celebration: Introduction to the Way of Haiku – Cohort 1 Registration

Live Session Dates and Times

2023: Dec. 9 & 16

2024: Jan 6 & 13

1:00pm – 3:00pm EST 

About the Course

This registration page is for Haiku Celebration: Introduction to the Way of Haiku – Cohort 1, 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST. 

This course is an introduction to Classic Contemplative Haiku, a short literary form that brings both the writer and the reader to a “now moment” that encompasses the entire universe. It will help participants explore and see the phenomenal ways of the universe through several seasonal categories such as “animals and plants” – frogs and daffodils for Spring, for example. 

Another classical haiku category is “celebrations,” which is looking at the ways of human culture. During this course, we will emphasize Winter celebrations such as the Solstice and Yule, Shambhala Children’s Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, various Saints Days, Las Posadas, New Year’s Eve & Day, and more. So you can bring your haiku practice and writings during this course into your personal celebrations during this important seasonal time.

No writing experience is necessary!

Included in the Course

  • Four live online sessions
  • Meditation and contemplation practice
  • Teachings on writing haiku
  • Reading and study materials from Haiku literature, Daosim, and Mythology (These materials will be provided)
  • Group study and discussion
  • Weekly haiku writing assignments
  • Personal feedback on your haiku through weekly email exchanges
  • Weekly sharing and celebration of each other’s haiku

This course opens the possibility of joining the Moon and Sun Haiku Group – an online collective that shares their haiku and includes further teachings.


No prerequisites.

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