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Location: Shambhala Online

Shambhala Sunday Gathering – Social Justice Work in Shambhala: Is it Dharma?

Sunday Gatherings are LIVE every week at 3:00 p.m. EST

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In this Sunday gathering, we will explore the challenges and opportunities when working with the social justice issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within Shambhala. Do we take the dharma of creating enlightened society seriously? If so, what might that look like and what might we want and need to generate to move our community closer to this aspiration? What gets in our way? How do we guard against it becoming aggressive, dismissive, or shaming? With curiosity and openness my hope is that we investigate how this work is dharma, and how we can bring our spiritual practice into our life beyond the cushion.

About the Teacher

Janet Ryvlin, R.N., has had a lifelong interest and concern about the racial and social injustices in our world. Since retiring from Oncology nursing in 2018, she has prioritized her efforts to learn about and
facilitate education on inclusivity and diversity. Having co-facilitated programs in Shambhala to address white awareness, white privilege and racism, she considers herself a learner and facilitator, not a teacher,
and values collaboration in her social justice explorations. She is active in the Societal Dharma working group and is involved in the design of The Next Buddha, a project to help bring cultural awareness and change in Shambhala. Janet has been a student of Shambhala since 1976.

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