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Kado-Ikebana: 5-day course

This five-day course is open to all and includes the weekend of 28-29 September.

A unique opportunity to learn and practice Kado-Ikebana.

Kado-Ikebana is a contemplative art practice that reveals the relationship between nature, space and our own life force. The ultimate goal of Kado-Ikebana is not to make beautiful flower arrangements, but to expand our heart/mind, to be present in each moment, to work with our obstacles and to develop respect and appreciation for ourselves, others and all life.

This practice is based on the practice of meditation which is also taught and practiced during this program.

Click here to listen to Maria Shibata and Kado participants.


All materials will be provided to students. This includes necessary all materials and containers, etc. 

If you have your own secateurs, you are strongly encouraged to bring them to the programme.

Please note that a €40 flower fee is not included in the price of the retreat.


Practical Information

All students participating in this programme will be welcomed regardless of their level of skill and understanding, whether they are beginners or have some practice in Kado. At the time of registration you will be asked to answer a few questions about your experience.

Arrival day (September 27): Dinner is served at 7pm. You are invited to come between 5pm and 7pm to register and settle into your room, or at 8.30am on Saturday 28 September if you live near Dechen Chöling.

Please specify your date and time of arrival by email to: [email protected]

End of programme (October 1): Closing circle and banquet in the evening.

Departure day (October 2): You can leave in the morning (no programme).
You’re welcome to stay for breakfast.

This programme is taught in English and will be translated into French. Requests for interpretation in other languages must be made in advance and confirmed (please indicate your request for interpretation on the registration page).

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