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Location: Dechen Chöling

This Sacred Earth: An Ecodharma Gathering

With Adam Lobel, Catherine McGee, Dougald Hine, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Daniel Christian Wahl, the Ulex Project and many others!

Co-Sponsored by One Earth Sangha and the Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective

Among the ancient trees and rolling meadows of rural France, join us for a lively retreat of meditation, Earth practices, community, inquiry, and wise action. Showcasing visionary ecological-spiritual communities throughout Europe, together we will transmute eco-anxiety and grief into responsiveness, explore land-based practices, skillful environmental protection, and discover the magic of our sacred world.

We will gather with a wide range of spiritual teachers across many traditions, thought leaders, land artists, farmers, and inspiring compassionate activists during this time of climate crisis and environmental loss.

If you love this sacred planet, are holding the pain of our Earth in your heart, long to bring this truth into your own practice, creativity, and wise action, this retreat is for you!

Gather with many like-minded friends to practice, heal, cultivate resilience, and learn methods to connect with Earth. We are called—beyond hope and fear—into new stories and quiet confidence as we learn from the loss and possibilities of a changing world.

No meditation experience or ecological background required! Just living on planet Earth is enough.


Our Four Primary Themes 

  1. Eco psychology: how to work mindfully with grief and anxiety, how to avoid burnout and discover wholeheartedness, beyond hope and fear, no matter what the next decades bring
  2. Magic: Earth as teacher, the perspective of a living world, various traditional perceptions of “nature spirits,” sacred outlook and rituals
  3. Earth as Whole System: learning regeneration and interconnectedness from the Earth to nourish society
  4. How Do I Help?: practical ways to get started, as well as networking and wise, regenerative support for those already engaged

What to Expect

  • The support of beautiful land
  • Mornings of deep meditation, teachings, and inquiry
  • A rich array of afternoon workshops to choose from
  • Time to quietly wander the land and make relationship with the more-than-human world
  • Supportive space for processing grief and fear without simply bypassing
  • Evening teachings from renowned thought leaders
  • A chance to experience Indigenous Central Asian fire ceremonies and ritual practices
  • Music, celebrations, and community


A General Map

Day 1: Grounding in place, gratitude, connecting with land and each other, meditation, land-based ritual practices

Day 2: Ecopsychology and opening to the grief, guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, doomism, etc.

Day 3: Soaking the pain in magic, land practices, silence, slowness, senses, softening

Day 4: Earth-system interconnectedness as a guide for self and society

Day 5: How Do I Help? Regenerative action, ecological politics, resilient, and wholistic responses

Day 6: Bringing it all together, magic, gratitude, ritual, letting go of expectations—beyond hope and fear, celebrating earth, Indigenous Tibetan fire offerings.

Daily Schedule 

Mornings: Core program led by Adam Lobel and Catherin McGee with guests (Lion tent)

Afternoons: Choose from a range of workshops

Evenings: Plenary Talks, in Drala Hall with hybrid option (teachers / participants off-site can join)


Practical information

Arrival day: Monday 15 July.
You are invited to arrive by 4 pm to check in and settle into your room. Dinner is served at 7 pm.

End of programme: Sunday, 21 July.
Closing circle and celebration in the evening.

Departure day: Monday, 22 July.
No programme. You are welcome to stay for breakfast.


This programme will be taught in English and in French. Requests for interpretation in other languages must be made in advance and confirmed (please indicate your request for interpretation on the registration page).

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