A Nyinthün is a full day of meditation practice.  Our Half Nyinthün is a four-hour open meditation session for anyone who wishes to sit for a longer time. 

The group practice of Nyinthün is a special opportunity to extend and deepen and one’s meditation practice. Being supported and carried by the energy of group practice helps us to stay with the practice in a uplifted and supportive environment. This energy inspires our own practice further than short daily sessions alone can do. The deepening of our personal practice afforded by Nyinthün in turn gives momentum to our regular daily practice.

We will alternate sitting and walking meditation.

Though nyinthun is best experienced in its entirety, people are free to arrive and leave at any time. 

Meditators of any tradition or experience level are welcome.

Meditation instruction will be offered by request throughout the morning.

Cost: No cost to participants, though donations are welcome.