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Location: Annapolis Shambhala Meditation Group

Breathe You Are Alive! Book Study

Breathe, You are Alive!   (2008, 20th Anniversary edition)

Author:  Thich Nhat Hanh


A Dharma Book Study Group, start date to be announced in Feb.

guided by Kathy Stares in affiliation with

The Annapolis Shambhala Meditation Group

“In Buddhism, we often speak of taking refuge in the Buddha.  The Buddha is not a person outside of us, but the energy of mindfulness, concentration, and insight in us. . . . The Buddha is always there within you, and you can touch the Buddha at any time you like.  One of the ways to reach the Buddha, anytime and anywhere, is through your breath.” (p.4-5).

Please consider joining us for a 7 week journey of personal discovery, guided by these foundational teachings of the Buddha as described by the meditation master, Thich Nhat Hanh in his book, Breathe You are Alive!, 2008 Anniversary edition.

Using simple, kind and intimate language the breath work suggested in this book provide the reader with doorways to deepen and enrich the experience we each have with our own breathing and awareness.  This will not be a course to develop one’s intellectual understanding of Buddhist teachings.  Rather, it will be a dive into your own experience of and relationship with your breathing and your awareness.  It sounds so simple . . . .

This group study will be suitable for all levels of meditation practitioners.

In consideration of taking this book-study, Kathy respectfully requests the following:

  • That you have available to you the 20th Anniversary edition of this book (new, $23.00). This edition has been significantly expanded over previous editions.
  • Before the first class please read the following sections.  Some of you have an earlier printing of the book, so you can read the pages listed second:

                  Introduction;  New printing pp ii-vii.   (old version pp 3-18)

                  The Sutra;        New Printing pp viii – xviii.  (Old version pp 19-29)

                  Seven Ways to practice. New Printing pp 21-22. (old version pp 37-38)

  • Finally, by enrolling in this course, each of us commits to practicing the given exercise(s) for at least 10 minutes, twice daily. As this course is about your personal experience with your breath and your awareness, this commitment to practice will be essential.  Try to be curious: “How do these teachings relate to me?”,  “What happens internally when I do these exercises?”,  “What am I noticing?”.

This book-study will be offered as a hybrid course, both in person at the Granville Ferry Hall on Sunday mornings, from 10:40am-12:00 pm and also at the same time via zoom.  When possible, attendance in person is recommended. 

Kathy Stares lives locally and has been a practitioner of the Buddha-Dharma for over 20 years.

To register please email us an email at [email protected].   

To participate, a free-will offering is welcome.  Donations can be sent by direct deposit to [email protected], or by cheque to Annapolis Meditation Group c/o Nancy McCabe  PO Box 594, Annapolis Royal, NS B0S 1A0.

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