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Location: Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre

Community Leadership Selection (Spontaneous Insight) – with potluck

Members will participate in a group process toward selecting a new Centre Director(s) 


Victoira Shambhala has used a process called Spontanious Insight, that was developed in the early days of Shambhala, and has served our community well.  


What has given our leaders confidence in the past is not only their practice but also the endorsement of the community and the responsibility that the group has given them.  


Please save the date and do what you can to attend.  Saturday March 2nd 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Spontanious Insight Meeting




Spontaneous Insight is a members only meeting were we all take responsibility to develop the insight of who will lead the group. This is a magical meeting were we are encouraged to leave preconceptions at the door, and to be simply present, and awake, to the wisdom of ourselves and others.




1) Speak from the heart; when it is your turn, sink into what is true for you. We leave our preconceptions at the door, and trust our wisdom in the moment.


2) Listen from the heart; when we are not speaking we are all holding a container of wakefulness. Not thinking about what we will say, but witnessing, and being connected to the wisdom coming from the community.


3) Speak Spontaneously; speak from what arises in the moment not from what you have figured out.


4) Be of Lean Expression; speak clearly and confidently of what is true for you. We do not need to convince anyone, or be clever, just clearly speak our truth


5) Honour Space; not everyone may wish to speak. We can honour space, and deepen when it arises.




To prepare for this meeting people are encouraged to think and discuss the topic at hand.

Who would be a good leader, what kind of leadership do we need at this point in time? What

are the concerns that need addressing at this point in our local Sangha’s history?

Please do not get attached to your preparation.


A Potluck Celebration will be held at the end of the meeting; in the past we have allowed three hours

for the meeting and celebration.


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