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Stitch Circle (Online)

For Stitchers and Non-stitchers

Consider the verb “to stitch”: to fasten, join, or close with; to make, mend, or decorate with.

Combining meditation with creative process allows us to be present and to rediscover ourselves and our world. Slowing down, we connect with our senses and each other stitch by stitch.

Contemplative practice is the thread that links hand and heart. As we sit and stitch together, we touch into our interrelatedness. Gather your needles, hooks, thread, yarn, or cloth, and join us. Non-stitchers welcome. Bring your drawing, painting, or writing materials.

Supply List

Needles for stitching or knitting, crochet hooks, cloth, yarn, thread… OR, when those items are not available, paper, string, wire, staples, tape, scissors, glue, etc. Experiment with what you use to stitch!

About the Teacher

Linda Miller: With a varied background in fine arts and textiles, I have embraced the fiber art medium. My work can be found in international exhibitions, private and public collections. In 2005 I developed The Bhavana Project, an ongoing community work based on Tibetan prayer flags. I teach flag making and creative process workshops. As a certified teacher specializing in adaptive yoga, I have taught classes for the Multiple Sclerosis community and the general population for over 30 years.

With gratitude I acknowledge the encouragement of my teachers. www.lindaamiller.com

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2024-04-15 08:51:52