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Location: Shambhala Meditation Center of Minneapolis

Great Eastern Sun

This weekend retreat is being offered through Shambhala Online.  If we have at least 3 registrations, we will participate as a group to watch the live-stream teachings and have in-person practice, discussions and community at the Minneapolis Shambhala Center. The best of both worlds: an outstanding international teacher connected with Centers around the world, received in the community of our own Center!

If you are unable to attend the program at the Center, you also have the option of participating via zoom from home.


Course Description

For those who have completed Shambhala Training Level 5.  

Great Eastern Sun builds on the teachings of basic goodness, “cocoon”, fearlessness,  inquisitiveness, and openness in the Heart of Warriorship series (Shambhala Training Levels I-V) and introduces how to see the primordial energy and brilliance that is always radiating and available to us — the Great Eastern Sun.

Great Eastern Sun is the first in a series of weekend retreats called “The Sacred Path” during which these teachings are explored and experienced. The Sacred Path also introduces further warriorship practices that complement our meditation practice and further cultivate our inherent brilliance, confidence, and dignity.


Program price: $199  (see below for discount information)


Register on the Shambhala Online website at this link: Great Eastern Sun

Be sure to enter Minneapolis in the “Revenue Share Center” box and use this code in the “Revene Share Code” box: 2024XXXXX50

Discounts:    Select the discount request button below the “Register Now” box on the registration page. This will take you to an online form where you can fill in your request.  Note that if you have already taken the program and are repeating it, you can request a 50% discount using the other reasons category and entering “repeating the program”.  


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