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Sacred Song Circle

Sacred Song Circle
Romi Kalova

Our Sacred Song Circle is about coming together in a song and prayer to celebrate Life.

Joining in a circle of communion in this beautiful practice of singing from our hearts we call Kīrtan, is one of the many ways to bring in renewing, transformative energy reconnecting us with the Divinity that resides within each of us.

The ancient chants, mantras, verses of poetry sung in Sanskrit language carry specific vibrations via the sound of the words, and so even if we do not know the exact translation or pronunciation of the words, we still receive the benefits. The energy is all around and within, the music, the rhythm, the repetition takes you in.

You can clap, get up and dance, hum quietly for yourself, or out loud, whatever resonates.  In Kīrtan no one cares how your voice sounds like, it is not a performance but a journey into the self through the practice of listening and singing. All voices merging to become One Voice.

We will have few percussion instruments to share, but feel free to bring your own to join us playing.

“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.” -Ragani

In Love, Light and Sound,
Romi, Roxanne, Angel


2:00-2:30 Gather

2:30-4:00 Sacred Song Circle in the Main Meditation Hall

Price: Suggested donation is $25, and $20 for members of the Lexington Shambhala Center.

Registration: Register through Romi (Romana Kalova <[email protected]>) or at the door.

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