Gayle Van Gils

Shastri Gayle Van Gils met Chogyam Trungpa at the inaugural summer of Naropa Institute. She fell in love with her teacher and the dharma, and the rest is history! Gayle and her husband G founded the center in St. Petersburg Fl, where she serves as shastri, as well she helps the sangha groups in Gainesville, Fl, and Tallahassee, Fl.

Gayle has an MBA from UCLA, which she utilizes in the business world as a business consultant and leadership coach and trainer. She is a change agent, mindfulness educator, ceramic artist, wife, mother, and Founder and President of the “Transform Your Culture”. Gayle leads group retreats which help individuals deepen emotional intelligence, develop mindfulness and awareness, and strengthen inherent confidence. She brings her extensive background as a meditation practitioner and trainer to societal problems, bringing mindfulness into personal relationships and group interactions.

Gayle is committed to shifting the culture of organizations from fear based to love based, and is a certified consultant utilizing the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools. Her forthcoming book is entitled “Transform Your Culture: Love at Work”.


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