Types of Bequests

There are a multitude of ways to include Shambhala in your planned giving. Below are some initial ideas.

Cash Bequest
A Shambhala entity receives a specific dollar amount.

Bequest of Property
A Shambhala entity receives specific assets, such as securities, an interest in real estate (such as a residence), or tangible personal property (e.g., works of art, antiques).

Residuary Bequest
A Shambhala entity receives all or a percentage of the remainder of the estate after the payment of any specific bequests and all estate-related expenses.

Testamentary Trust
The trust provides one or more heirs with income for life, after which the assets pass to a Shambhala entity.

Retirement Plan
A Shambhala entity is designated as a beneficiary of the remainder or a percentage of the remainder of your IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified pension, or profit-sharing plan.

A planned gift can be made with almost anything: cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate-even property such as artwork and royalties. Please contact us if you have questions about a possible donation.