Year End and Harvest of Peace 2016: Donate Here

We hope that this letter finds you well and thriving as fall moves into winter.

We’re reaching out to you today to ask for your financial support as we near the end of 2016. If you recently made a contribution during your local Harvest of Peace celebration and fundraising campaigns, please accept our wholehearted thanks. These Unified Giving donations sustain your local centre, the expanding activity of the Sakyong, and Shambhala’s worldwide activities.

If you have not yet contributed, please either contact your centre to make a donation, or donate online here:

Tax deductible US donations
Tax deductible Canadian donations
Donate to Shambhala Europe

All donations processed through the links above will be part of your centre’s Unified Giving contribution that supports Shambhala in your community, your region, and around the globe.

Together we will continue to strengthen Shambhala as a deep spiritual tradition and a truly engaged force for good throughout the world. We all give so much through our practice, aspirations, volunteer time, and presence at our centres. Financial generosity according to our abilities is also essential for the continuation of our work together. May these efforts be of benefit to all beings.

Yours with respect and appreciation,
In the Vision of the Great Eastern Sun,

The Kalapa Council

Mitchell Levy, Family Representative
Josh Silberstein, Chair of the Kalapa Council
Adam Lobel, Kalapa Acharya
Jane Arthur, Minister of the Government Pillar
Jesse Grimes, Kasung Kyi Khyap
Robert Reichner, Minister of the Economy Pillar
Wendy Friedman, Office of Culture & Decorum
Christoph Schoenherr, Kalapa Envoy to Europe
David Brown, Executive Secretary to the Sakyong


Harvest of Peace – September 24, 2016

Harvest of Peace is a traditional time for Shambhala centers, groups and members to gather, host social occasions and other kinds of events, to practice together and enjoy the fun, conversation and richness of Shambhala community.

All centers and groups are encouraged to host a Harvest of Peace event according to your size and circumstance – ranging from several events to one simple gathering.

This year, the Sakyong, Jampal Trinley Dradül, offers a recorded Harvest of Peace address to be shared during your gathering. You can download or stream the Sakyong’s address here:

Here is a 15-minute preview clip from the play, Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna, (the full play to be performed in Halifax over the Harvest of Peace weekend.)

Inline image 2In order to help people with hearing impairments to follow the talk and to allow those for whom English is a second language to understand it better, we will offer English captions, and will also provide translations of these captions in as many languages as possible. To turn on the captions in the language of choice, simply click on the captions icon at the bottom of the video. THE CAPTIONED VERSION OF THE HARVEST OF PEACE ADDRESS WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE BY SEPTEMBER 23RD.

Harvest of Peace is one of 4 seasonal Nyida Days (“Nyi” = Sun, “da” = Moon) celebrations in Shambhala that occur on or around solstice and equinox days. These holidays are important times for us to join together as a community to practice, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. Please also keep in mind that holidays should be welcoming for all types of members, families, children and guests.

This particular holiday is also a time when centres have traditionally included a fundraising component. We’ve included some suggestions and resources below for planning Harvest of Peace fundraising.

Many centres enjoy this holiday as an opportunity to particularly announce and welcome new members who may have joined in the past year, and introduce them to the community.


Centers and and households are encouraged to plan brunches or other shared mealspotlucks, pie baking contests, story-telling events, craft activities, community and family events, hikes, picnics and to especially try to find ways to include children. It is fine to schedule the celebrations throughout late September and early October as works best for your community.


Harvest of Peace is one of two annual Shambhala celebrations where the Shambhala Sadhana is open to everyone as a practice or as a practice with feast. Click here to download the public Shambhala Sadhana Feast Instructions.


The time from September through December is a good time for centre and group leaders to meet with members, in large or small groups for conversations about topics of concern and curiosity at each centre. You might wish to schedule your annual Member Aspiration Event now, or to host conversations about “What does a prosperous community based on basic goodness look like?” or to share stories about wonderful prosperous communities that members and friends have experienced. If you have members who have received the Treatise on Enlightened Society, you can organize a group reading with discussion and food. You might include musical events or perhaps contra-dancing, or a shared walk. You can invite new members, or plan a special event to ask current members how they are doing. Overall it is the time to celebrate our good fortune, prepare for the winter, to care for our situation together, and to plan ahead for the end of the year. The new year will be February 27, 2017.

Fundraising for Harvest of Peace

Harvest of Peace is a fine time to fundraise for you center’s special projects, or simply to balance your center’s budget (which includes your annual Shambhala unified giving commitment.)

Harvest of Peace Fundraising: Find support materials for fundraising here:

1. Harvest of Peace Fundraising Checklist 2016

2. Harvest Of Peace 2016 Talking Points 2016

3. Donation pledge cards options #1 customizable for your center

4. Donation pledge cards options #2 customizable for your center

5. Membership Aspiration Event

SOCAD Crest Letterhead (1)

An additional offering this year for Harvest of Peace.

We will be sending a clip from an upcoming play, Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna, that will be performed in Halifax over the Harvest of Peace weekend. Please let your Council or local leadership know of this additional offering, and see if you would like to include it in your celebrations. I think that you will find it humorous and cheerful, a perfect compliment to this celebration.
The 15 minute clip will be made available when we send the link for the Sakyong’s Harvest of Peace address.
Wishing you all a warm celebration,

About Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna
Here is a bit of information about the play from the author:

Norbu Photo 1 5 (1)

Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna is a new Shambhala comedy by Mr. Walker Blaine to be presented at the Halifax Shambhala Centre during the Harvest of Peace. The play recounts the adventures of Mr. Norbu McBurns, a humble farmer from the town of Goodside, who embarks on a journey to the mythical kingdom of Shambhala after discovering it is not so mythical after all. On the journey he meets an intriguing variety of human and nonhuman beings who all have a place in and nearby Shambhala.