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Way of the Moon: Awakening Kindness

with Dale Asrael
March 1 / 7:00 PM - March 3 / 6:00 PM

Kindness expresses the innate longing for connection that enables us to put others before ourselves. In a society displaying division, confusion, competition, and speediness, kindness may seem questionable or even disempowering. How can we skillfully, genuinely keep our hearts and minds open and present—even when we feel triggered?

Together we will explore questions, teachings, and practices on kindness from the Buddhist Mahayana teachings, practicing meditation, movement, and contemplative inquiry. In addition to discussion, we will practice periods of silence to help us tune into our naturally awake sense perceptions.

This program represents a fresh opportunity, when emotions are raw and habits are tempting, to engage with profound Mahayana teachings, including lovingkindness, tonglen, and White Tara. The reading transmission of the Sadhana of Kindness will still be offered to those who wish to receive it.

Please bring along any genuine questions and conflicting emotions. These authentic expressions can enrich our understanding and practice of true kindness. Let us explore how it is actually useful to exchange self for other.

Please join in this special opportunity to deepen wisdom and compassion in community. The program is open to everyone. Please also consider supporting this program with service. Volunteers make a tremendous difference! You can sign up to help with this program here

We are delighted that through sponsor support, we can offer pricing options. Registering as a sponsor generously supports those who cannot afford the full price. Thank you!

If these pricing options are unworkable for you, we are happy to accept what you can offer, including volunteer service. Please contact [email protected] or call 303.444.0190, x104 at least three days in advance.

Partial Attendance
If you wish to attend only part of the program, you may drop in for any of the weekend sessions except Sunday afternoon. The drop-in price is per session.

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