Program Details

Women's Community Gathering (for Shambhala Members) -- Eagle Rock

December 8 / 2:00 PM - December 8 / 4:00 PM

We provide this space for those who identify as women to come together in conversation and in support of each other around the impact of the #MeToo movement. Meeting in affinity groups (women/men identifying), this is a chance for us to touch in with what is happening in our own experiences both in the greater world and in the context of our community. We can empower ourselves by speaking our truths about who we are as human beings, especially as members of a community dedicated to awakening and creating enlightened society.


We recognize that not everyone identifies with the gender binary and may not feel that either group fits their needs in this conversation. Please let us know what spaces may be helpful as we move towards inviting voices and experiences that explore the #metoo movement, gender dynamics and power in our community: [email protected]

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