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Buddhism 101: An Overview of Mahayana Buddhism (Westside)

with Debra Dysart & Marcia Henry-Fink & Gregory Lubkin & Carolyn Sykes
April 7 / 1:00 PM - May 19 / 4:00 PM

Continuing on from the series on Theravadan Buddhism, this series of classes will explore the essential teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, including on Bodhicitta, Compassion, the 6 Paramitas, Lojong, and Emptiness.

Schedule of classes:

Sunday April 7 — Awakened Heart, Compassion, and the Bodhisattva Vow

Sunday April 28 — The Transcendent Virtues (6 Paramitas)

Sunday May 5 — Buddhist “Mind Training” (Lojong)

Sunday May 19 — Emptiness (Shunyata)

These classes can be taken as a whole series or as individual drop-in classes (/class). Each class will allow time for discussion and exploration of the teachings.

Open to all.

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