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Bleddfa Retreat : Maitri Space Awareness

with Barbara Märtens & Peter Conradi
July 19 / 12:00 PM - July 28 / 8:00 PM

Annual Bleddfa Retreat, July 19-28 2019

Maitri Space Awarenness with Acharya Barbara Märtens and Peter Conradi.

Bleddfa retreats started in 2011, attracting participants from many countries, and have proved a wonderful vehicle for both beginners and experienced practitioners, to deepen, discover groundedness and self-confidence and bond with a peer-group.

This year we will offer teachings on both Shamatha, or Calm Abiding, and on the practice  - discovered by Trungpa Rinpoche - of Maitri Space Awareness. These two practices can complement and deepen each other. 

Maitri Space Awareness entails our exploring  our relations with each of five different energetic families (Buddha, Vajra, Padma, Ratna and Karma). Each family can manifest as confusion or as wisdom or a mixture of the two, so that  Maitri Space Awareness can help us understand ourselves and others better.  These precious teachings on Space Awareness are rarely given so this is a special opportunity : please indicate if you are interested early. (Bleddfa can house a maximum of  20 participants.)

Shamatha  - or Calm Abiding  – meditation is one of the most profound and life-changing Tibetan Buddhist practices. It develops mindfulness and awareness, and calms us. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche specifically recommended that Shamatha be taught for Westerners on retreats. The focus of retreat-practice is to directly experience the awakening of mind and opening of the heart. 

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