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Sacred Path: Drala

with Jerry Webster
March 31 / 9:00 AM - April 23 / 9:00 PM

Sacred Path Pilot – A Community Study of the Living Shambhala Terma

The Letter of the Black Ashe: Sacred Path


The first of a four part series: The Letter of the Black Ashe: Sacred Path. This pilot is an opportunity to engage as a community in the study of this Shambhala root text. The prerequisite for this program is Primordial Rigden: Unconditional Confidence. It is also open to everyone who has already received The Letter of the Black Ashe.

This pilot offers a new and fresh way to experience the Sacred Path teachings previously offered in weekend programs—Great Eastern Sun, Windhorse, Drala, Meek & Perky, and Outrageous & Inscrutable. We are delighted to bring this innovative and societal format to Washington, DC.

This four part series completes the Sacred Path requirement.

Great Eastern Sun & Windhorse: February 9 – March 5
Drala: March 31 – April 23
Meek & Perky: Dates TBD
Outrageous & Inscrutable: Dates TBD

The intention and purpose of this pilot program is to deepen one’s relationship to the terma text The Letter of the Black Ashe and to explore the practices of windhorse and connection to drala.

This new format of weekly and daylong gatherings, instead of weekend levels, was developed and successfully piloted by Acharya Susan Chapman in Vancouver. We warmly invite all Sacred Path students and tantrikas to enage this new approach to the Sacred Path.


Following the Great Eastern Sun and Windhorse levels of the Sacred Path, this series continues with Drala, which introduces students to the sacred energy and power that exists when we open our hearts and step beyond aggression. The teachings on drala invite us to sharpen our awareness of the subtle, unseen energies of our world. Through exploring the depth of perception, we can engage the elemental and magical strength inherent in environments around us.

For those who are repeating these Sacred Path levels and already have the materials, the program cost is a suggested donation of .

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