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Way of the Moon Day I: Introduction to the Mahayana Path

with Denise Wuensch & Dhi Good
March 23 / 9:00 AM - March 23 / 5:00 PM

 The Sadhana of Kindness Lung is postponed due to schedule conflict with the Weekthün.  

The Way of the Moon is an open format study and practice curriculum, corresponding with the Way of Shambhala. We enjoy the brilliance of the sun subsequently being cooled by the shimmering moon. For those of us who have been seasoned by the Shambhala journey, this is a deep exploration of the Mahayana from a lens of the Shambhala lineage.  Meaning "Great Vehicle", the Mahayana path of Buddhism is known for emphasizing profound compassion and realizing the true nature of reality. For the Shambhala members and friends, in which the Mahayana teachings would be new, this is a perfect maturation of the genuine motivation towards creating enlightened society. 

For all of us, this is an opportunity for the membership and community of Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver to practice healing and compassion with bravery, especially in these times of uncertainty and doubt.  In the spirit of cultivating an open heart, we will explore Shambhala Mahayana practices such as: maitri (loving kindness), tonglen (sending and taking), lojong (slogans), and a newly offered sadhana practice, the Sadhana of Kindness.

Even though there is no prerequisite or payment for this program, it is highly recommended that all participants adhere to the following:

  • A fee for practice materials - i.e. Sadhana of Kindness -

  • Be a full dues paying Shambhala member or friend - a month per individual and a month per family

  • Participate in monthly New Moon and Full Moon Community Practices.

  • Prepare for the Way of the Moon by exploring the Hinayana (narrow vehicle) through our offering of Pema Chodron's course of Making Friends with Ourselves 

  • Attend each Way of the Moon day long programs

    • Day I - March 23rd (POSTPONED - Sadhana of Kindness Lung)

    • Day II - June 22nd

    • Day III - September 21st

    • Day IV - December 21st

About the Teachers

Shastri Wuensch

Shastri Denise Wuensch began practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhism in the mid-1970’s and is a senior student of Sakyong Mipham Rinponche. She has served at Naropa University as both a Teaching Assistant and Clinical Supervisor in the Master’s Degree Contemplative Psychotherapy Program.  Denise is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Capital Hill, and also serves as a hospice social worker for Pinnacle Hospice Care.

Shastri Dhi Good has been a practicing Buddhist since 1990. She was ordained into the lay order of the Lotus in the Flame Sangha at the Denver Zen Center in 1995, and became a student of Shambhala in 2005. She is the director of Shambhala Online, which offers live events, courses and online programs. 


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