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Sacred Path: Great Eastern Sun & Windhorse

with Holly Gayley
May 24 / 7:00 PM - May 27 / 12:00 PM

"The way of the Great Eastern Sun is based on seeing that there is a natural source of radiance and brilliance in this world - which is the innate wakefulness of human beings."

This extended weekend program teaches how to see the Great Eastern Sun, the primordial energy and brilliance that is the basis of all that exists. This level of training cultivates one's dignity and natural gifts, which can be used to widen one's sphere of compassionate influence.

In Windhorse one receives the root text that gives the instruction for “raising Windhorse,” a practice which opens the heart and refreshes one’s confidence. One learns through this practice to bring about skillful and heartfelt social engagement, enabling one to go forward in the midst of whatever challenges occur.

The Sacred Path levels present a vision of Shambhala as a living context for building a sane society, and introduces further warriorship practices.  These are a natural extension to a second series of training for the Way of Shambhala. These additional practices are based on a societal vision and aspiration to help the world in these difficult times.

 Shambhala Training Levels I-V; recommended: the Everyday Life Series (MEDITATION in Everyday Life, CONTENTMENT in Everyday Life, JOY in Everyday Life, FEARLESSNESS in Everyday Life, and WISDOM in Everyday Life) and Rigden Weekend
The Sacred Path is cummulative programming just like Shambhala Levels I-V. Skipping weekends is not allowed. 


SPECIAL OFFER: We are offering a 20% discount on the combined program prices for those who wish to commit to taking the entire Sacred Path Series. The total cost is 0 for the Regular Price, and includes Materials. If you wish to sign up for this combined price, please sign up here with Great Eastern Sun & Windhorse (the first in the series). Use the pricing option "0 Sacred Path Combined 20% Discount (includes materials)" and enter the amount of 0. Or if you wish to offer the Patron combined price, please enter ,130. You can then choose to proceed to PayPal or contact the SMCD Treasurer regarding payment options or to set up a payment plan. If you choose the combined program price, you do not need to sign up for the rest of the series - we will register you for them manually.


Repeat participants - you are welcome to a 50% off discount.  To arrange for this, please contact us in advance at: [email protected]


To see information on the rest of the series, or to sign up individually for any or all of them, here are their program listings:

Sacred Path: Drala June 21st-23rd with Acharya Melissa Moore

Sacred Path: Meek & Perky July 19th-21st with Mr. Steve Seely

Sacred Path: Outrageous & Inscrutable August 9th-11th (Teacher to be announced)

Sacred Path: Golden Key August 30th-September 2nd with Acharya Daniel Hessey

Beginning after Drala, and continuing throughout the Sacred Path series, we are offering a a support class for studying the Shambhala Terma. This course is open to all who have received the texts:
Sacred Path Study: Reflections of the Cosmic Mirror begins June 25th

SMCD Generosity Policy: We have a generosity policy to make our offerings available to all who wish to participate. If the program price is an obstacle for you, please consider what works for you, and contact us to discuss a partial scholarship. The GES & Windhorse registration price includes a materials fee of , which is not included under the Center's Generosity Policy. We ask that anyone using the Generosity Policy towards Sacred Path please be a dues paying member of their respective Shambhala Center.

To arrange for this, please contact us in advance of this Program at [email protected].

For those who can offer more than the program price, we have a “Patron Price.” Your generosity in offering the patron price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price.

Repeat participants - you are welcome to a 50% off discount.  To arrange for this, please contact us in advance at: [email protected]


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