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with Emily Bower
March 22 / 7:00 PM - March 24 / 4:00 PM

Meek is a study of the grounded, humble and gentle beginning stages of a warrior's journey.

“The four dignities” are introduced as a path and a process, which describe a warrior's maturing and widening sphere of benevolent engagement in the world. The training in the dignities allows one to maintain awareness and delight at each stage. Meek is a study of the grounded, humble and gentle beginning stages of a warrior's journey. Here one trains to overcome arrogance—the primary obstacle to learning.

The Sacred Path program follows the Heart of Warriorship program with the introduction of further warriorship practices that extend the basic meditation training. These practices are based on a societal vision and aspiration to help the world.

During a series of visionary experiences that took place between 1976 and 1980, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche wrote down the Shambhala texts. The Sacred Path is based on these texts and on the extensive commentaries Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche gave on these teachings and on how to practice them in modern times.

Through exploring the depth of perception, one engages the elemental and magical strength inherent in the world. The principle of drala refers to the sacred energy and power that exists when we step beyond aggression.

We are overjoyed to welcome back Acharya Emily Bower to our community. Acharya Bower is a senior teacher of our lineage and brings a wealth of profound knowledge from her role as editor at Shambhala publications as well as her many years studying and teaching the Shambhala Dharma. She is special Acharya to our region and, having taught here many times, a special friend of Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: Cost of this program is TBC.

Prerequisites: completion of levels 1-5, the Great Eastern Sun, Windhorse and Drala Shambhala Training.

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