Program Details

Meditation in Everyday Life

with Shelley Heinz & Mary Jo Gatton
March 4 / 7:00 PM - April 1 / 9:00 PM

"By making a deep connection to the present moment and understanding our mind through the practice of meditation, we learn to make friends with ourselves…"

While meditation has many proven benefits, establishing a consistent personal practice can be challenging. This five-week training course Meditation in Everyday Life is designed to help new meditators learn the basics of Mindfulness Meditation practice and bring the benefits to their daily lives.

Through establishing a consistent meditation practice, we learn to relax and simply be with whatever is going on in our lives. Over time, this meditation helps us to cultivate courage, humor, and stability in the face of the daily complexities we all experience – our jobs, relationships, and all aspects of daily life.

Meditation in Everyday Life combines technique and view in a setting of support and community to provide you with all the tools you need to establish a strong and consistent meditation practice.



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