Program Details


with Simon La Haye
April 26 / 7:00 PM - April 28 / 4:00 PM

 "Desung" means bliss or harmony protector. Desung practice is a profound path arising out of the Shambhala Dorje Kasung tradition. It consists of protecting access to innate wisdom by embodying generosity, gentleness and fearlessness in our daily lives. This state of "being" is made possible by increasing trust and confidence in our basic goodness and that of the society in which we live. All situations are viewed as workable, and distress is recognized as a powerful opportunity to open to our basic goodness.

There will be two different and complementary tracks to this program:
-first a basic desung training open to kasung who are interested in working with community and willing to work with difficult situations. Shambhala Council members, meditation instructors, and health and wellbeing representatives are also invited to participate.

We will explore how to access wisdom from our sense of basic being and from there how to train in the 6 paramitas and the 4 karmas.

This track is a prerequisite for Dorje Kasung who wish to apply to become member of the Desung Arm. The training also provides further depth to the profound path of the Dorje Kasung.

-The second track will be for desung who are already trained and would like to further their training as well as providing a strong container for the basic training.  During this training we will specifically learn and train in « compassionate exchange », a form developped in Karuna Training. There will also be be time to discuss our experience with other desungs.

Cost of the program is 70€, that includes breakfasts and lunches in the Shambhala Centre. Dinners on Saturday will be jointly taken in a nearby restaurant, the price will be affordable.

The weekend will be directed by Dapön, Simon La Haye, member of the desung council

Please apply with Mrs. Gerda Jansonius at [email protected] or call Mrs. Sibylle Fraund at 0094 3088663686 with any questions you may have.

The program starts at 19 hours on Friday April 26 with registration and the talk on view. 

Dorje Kasung wear Town Uniform # 4

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